Southern California White Dove Release

A White Dove Release makes an event memorable. These birds are very special because they are the only all-white birds in the world that once released have the instinct to fly back home! We have two loft locations, so their homes are located in either Riverside or Gavilan Hills, depending on where they were raised.


Birds are released from baskets or protective crates, but may be released by hand if you so choose. If you intend to hand release the birds, we request you meet with me briefly prior to the wedding/service to gain some familiarity in handling the birds. While they will usually settle down when held firmly, when first picked up, they can be a bit "squirmy", as they are anxious to get home. They are by no means fragile, but should be held with their wings against their body. White doves will make a spectacular gift to honor your loved one on their special day. Call now and reserve our birds for your occasion. Experience has shown that they will be the talk of your event!


Martha    (951) 202-4801            Bobby    (951) 202-9894             [email protected]                  23889 Post Road, Perris, CA  92570  


 NOTE:  Riverside National  Cemetery no longer allows white doves at cemetery.  Please arrange to have doves released at Church, Home, etc.